20 March 2018

Back In Your Closets Faggots!

Can't have the faggots spread their deviance to the unsullied, can we?

Gods forbid that anyone new be brought into the gun community!

Wanna bet blogs be next to be chopped?


  1. "Intends to sell firearms or certain firearms accessories ..." I just checked Savage, Sig Sauer and Springfield Armory (the ones I subscribe to) and they're all still there. Does this have an effective date in the future? Everything those companies put up is intended to sell their products.

    My seven year old video on cutting the fire control pocket on my 80%lower is still there. Plus I see a bunch showing milling an AR lower from scratch.

    I'm a little puzzled. I can see that they may make enough money from the manufacturers that they don't really care, but they don't make a dime off me. Maybe they just haven't found it yet?

    1. I'm puzzled too.

      The demonetization didn't roll out smoothly or uniformly either.

      The gun companies could be paying for their place, and thus operate under different rules.

      Your vids might not have been noticed and reported, so you're still under the radar.

      I wish there were alternatives that weren't subject to Social Justice Capture.

      We shouldn't have to worry about finding a place to voice our interests.


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