20 March 2018

Making Our Point

School Shooting In Maryland.

Bad guy with gun is stopped, literally, dead by good guy with a gun firing back.

So far the only fatality is the scumbag bad guy.

Maryland is a gun-free victim zone in public schools.

Maryland also has a checklist of things that are on the gun-control wish list.

They have an assault weapon ban.

They have a, sort of, ban on magazines larger than 10 rounds.

They have, for handguns, permits to purchase, registration and universal background checks.

Never mind the fact that the shooter was 17.  Underage to buy any kind of gun from a dealer.

The only thing that worked is what we pro-gun people have been saying works.

Maybe it's time to stop listening to the gun grabbers?

No.  It's past time to stop listening to them.

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