24 March 2018

Red Light District

The Lovely Harvey has heard a rumor that if your house is a gun free "safe house" you should mark it by running a red light on your porch.

She told me that and ended with, "We should do that!"

I replied, "Dear, I think that constitutes hunting over bait."


  1. That was worth a Google Search:

    I could have guessed, since the "This is a Gun Free Home" signage has always been a joke on our side because anti-gunners aren't THAT stupid.

    That being said, when I see somebody with a pocket knife clip visible, or Gadsden apparel, I immediately look to see if I can spot where their carry gun is hidden.

    I wonder if the urban predators know that those "Hate Has No Home Here" signs indicate a good place to get their party on....

  2. A red light over the door used to signify that the house it was on was, shall we say, a House of Negotiable Affection. I wonder if the anti-gun freaks know that?

  3. Around here a few years ago,the word was that drug houses would have two colors of bulbs for porch lights... Red means, no dope available, green means the product is available. However, I've heard that is no longer the system because like everything else, eventually the PDs caught onto it.


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