12 March 2018

Not Period Correct

Not my rifle.  That's an RS Regulate AK-311M lower mount, AKML upper mount and a Primary Arms Micro Dot.  Not cheap at $361 total, but very usable!

I'd prefer something with some magnification so the AK-310M with more rail space, AKOG and a Primary Arms 3x ACSS scope for a whopping $453!  Cheaper than a real ACOG, I guess.  For $30 more I could step up to 5x.

Modern optics are not cheap.

Period for the gun is a 1P29, this is a 4x scope that's already calibrated for 5.45 and is $550 from Kalinka and $450 to $500 on ebay.

The ride height is better on the modern.  The looks are more appropriate for the 1P29.

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