11 March 2018

Just The One?

It suddenly occurred to me that I only own one rifle which would have been banned by an AWB that came that way from the factory.


All of the AR's start life as bare receivers.  One wasn't even a firearm when I started.

Both the AK's weren't complete rifles on delivery.

I'm just into DIY, I guess.

Looking back, my current FAL is the only one I've ever bought complete.

The Mini got transmogrified.

The Daewoo got a thumbhole delete.

The L1A1 was a bare receiver.

The Polytech M14S got its flash-hider fixed.


  1. Truth be told, I like building and modifying rifles more than actually firing them. Between ill health and crowded ranges, the only trigger time I get these days is checking to see if my latest project actually works right.

    1. I'd shot a lot more if the affordable range was closer or the closer range more affordable.

      The closer range seems to have a policy in force to make getting to actually shoot as Byzantine as possible to make sure you're serious too.


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