14 March 2018

Indeed Let's!

Treat guns like cars!

Anyone can buy any kind of car they want, provided they have the money for it.

Anyone can buy a car in any state.

Anyone can import any kind of car from overseas as long as it's not used on public roads.

Cars are only subject to the myriad of regulations if you use them on public roads.

You only need to register and insure them if you use them on public roads.

The minimum age to get a license to operate a car on a public road is very young (14? 16?), with supervision of a licensed adult.


  1. Point well taken. And yet, automobiles account for how many deaths each year in the USA?

    1. A lot more than firearms... And yet... Nobody is seriously talking about banning cars, or even placing any of the kinds of restrictions mentioned above.

  2. For 2016, vehicles caused 37,461 deaths. Firearm homicides (not including suicides) were about 13,000 or roughly a third as many.

  3. This is one of the most idiotic recurring memes there is. As with all of them, it doesn't matter how many times we refute it, it just lives forever.

  4. And you can put a car in a covered trailer so no one can see it, or on a open trailer so everyone can see it and take it anywhere.


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