29 March 2018

It's Called Sexual Dimorphism


Someday we're going to have to have a talk about how men and women are physically different.

In that talk you're going to learn about back breaking labor and its effect on the body.

You're going to learn that one of the effects is it tends to make you reject your fetus.  All mammals do this!  Look it up.

So if you're doing a physically demanding job, and CHOOSE to get pregnant; YOU are choosing to risk your unborn child's life by continuing to do such a demanding job.  A job, I suspect, you elbowed your way into, despite concerns over this very issue of physical frailty from the employers.  You demanded these risks in the name of equality, and you got them.  Congratulations!

Maternity leave and giving time off to attend National Guard or Reserve duty is a false equivalency.

But remember, you chose this line of work, you chose to get pregnant.  You insisted you could do the job just as well as a man when you demanded entry into the field.

Well, the fact that we're having this little discussion kind of says that, no, you cannot do this job as well as a man because you're demanding things that men don't to keep your job and advance your pay.

Watch what happens to a man who decides to taper off how hard he works for nine months, then skips out on short notice for three months and then comes back looking for his job.  Go on.

IF he's hired back it will be at a loss of wages and seniority.  He's likely going to be passed over for promotions in the future too.

Now, encompass into your mind what a huge concession has already been made to allow for your pregnancy, some of it even encoded into the law.

You're not doing equal work for equal pay by choosing to get knocked up.

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