19 March 2018

Just For The Record

If you're going to invite me to be on your blogroll as a "contributing source" or are requesting I put you in my sidebar blogroll...

At least make your fucking reply topical to the post you're replying to!

I don't generally post about whom the president hires and fires, so asking to be linked in a post where I'm talking about a speculative alternate history's adoption of a particular scope mount and linking to a post about McCabe being fired is just ign'ant!

If you're on the sidebar it's because I enjoy reading you.  When I stop enjoying it, you go away.

It's that simple.

Yes, I have tiers of enjoyment, but that's either because I don't like that you make me think or that you keep posting bullshit, but have the occasional diamond worth reading.

Go with the answer that makes you feel best.  Trust me.

But you're there because I want you there, not because you offered me more traffic.  Not because you want more traffic.

This blog gets 600-1,000 hits.  I'm betting 3/4 of that is bots.

That's what you're wanting to link yourself to.

I ain't no Tam with a rabid following or an Erin with a carefully nurtured and realized presence.

It's just me and my stream of consciousnesses.

I'm not even a Caleb leveraging an attempt to be the biggest douche into actually BEING the biggest douche!


  1. I get requests to add Commoncents to my blog roll all the time - this sounds like what you're describing. The comment is never about what my post is about, just a link to whatever they've posted.

    I went to their blog and the first thing I've noticed is that they've got like about 500 more followers than I do and they're scraping the barrel for a link from me? Then I thought I'd contact the blog owner to ask something and couldn't find an email link. So I left an answer to one of their comments back on my blog saying to email me - with my address. Nope.

    So I think it's a bot leaving these "add me to your blogroll" comments.


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