27 July 2015

Hey I've Done Those Things

I did a week in the weeds with nothing but shorts, undies, shirt and sandals and a swiss army knife.

That was a miserable week.

But I ate.  I had shelter.  I had fire.

And it would take the end of the world to get me to do it again.

Fuck living like a caveman!

But should the end of the world come I know a lot more than my stone-age forbears.

I once thought that I could survive the end.

We were called survivalists back then, not preppers.

When it hits you that the sheer number of people hitting the woods at the same time at the end of the world will no shit make all game extinct in a month, tops.  Then the pure idiocy about sanitation people will bring out of the ruins...  Famine will be a light let-down as pestilence and disease take hold and crack down.

Happily, I don't think we're going to be falling that far should things fall apart.  We're social creatures and we'll tend to clump up together and we tend to help one another.

I know how to make something or fix something, I can swap that for something I need to someone who can't make or fix.

But I don't expect Mad Max.

Because we don't get Mad Max when we get localized disruptions, even NOLA didn't go full-retard after Katrina.

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