13 July 2015

Serbian Wonder Nine

Willard has scored a Zastava CZ999 Compact.  With shipping and FFL it ran him a mere $370.  The Lovely Harvey expresses that it fits her hand well.

It's compact in the sense that it's 0.4" shorter than the non-compact version.

Why, yes, it does accept a lanyard!

Compared to an M1911A1
Compared to an M&P 9
It's kind of a commander idea, full length grip with a shorter barrel.

My coon-finger review is that it's chunky, but not uncomfortable.  Double/Single action.  The decocker is also the slide release.  Everything is ambidextrously mirrored.  Easy take-down.  Machining on the inside of the slide is very coarse, on the frame very clean.  Bore access seems very high now that I am accustomed to the M&P.

If all goes well, we take it to the range tomorrow and see how it shoots.

There's even Engrish in the Certificate of Authenticity!

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