21 July 2015

Grav Pong

Control of the artificial gravity, grav compensators and utility gravity systems is important in keeping control of the ship from pirates in Traveller.

Anti-Hijack is the go-to program to keep the command and control spaces secure from hijacking.

Because the grav systems are safety equipment, it's normally very difficult to disable and bypass the interlocks and lock-out-tag-out protocols.

I add in my campaigns that anti-hijack going active allows engineering to easily take manual control of the grav systems and play a brisk game of grav-pong!

Merely shutting off the artificial gravity and acceleration compensators on a type S means aft is down and at 2g.  A fall of 4m hits at 12.71m/s.  If you're at the bridge door when engineering flips these systems down its a 15m fall and you hit at 24.27m/s.

That's the equivalent to falling from twice the distance on earth.

So a 4m fall becomes the equivalent to an 8m fall that rounds to 9 yards in GURPS...  There's a table on B.431.

Lets say our hijacker has 10 HP (the more HP you have the harder you fall).  The hatch on the aft wall of the common area in our Type-S is a hard surface (which doubles the dice)...  So (2x10x14)/100=2.8 which rounds to 3d cr damage.

If he fell the whole 15m that's 32 yards equivalent.  for (2x10x26)/100=5.2 or 5d crushing damage.

That's one heck of a fall, really.  Even more fun for the hijacker, the engineer can apply up to 6g to the fall, making it a 98 yard fall from the bridge hatch or 9d cr!  On average that's two death rolls!

Now, if our engineer is a deft hand with the grav controls he can apply the gravity laterally and bounce our hijacker back and forth along the 16.5m engineering corridor once he's smashed through the hatch from the common area for as long as he wants (9d+2 cr per smack which is also per second).

Please note that this only applies to hijackers who've managed to get inside the ship.

There's no artificial gravity or compensation outside on the hull.

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