16 July 2015

Tomcat Tweaking

Strike Fighters 2: North Atlantic introduced the F-14A to the game.

Unfortunately, this expansion was kinda hurried.

There were some details that got missed.

The first thing that the fan base fixed was the anachronistic squadron markings.  VF-142 (Ghostriders) here didn't change to the Grim Reaper tail-art until late 1978; but not the AG code until they moved to USS Eisenhower in April 1982.  I don't have the AE code markings, sadly.  Because the game spans the early '50's until 1982 normally; you need the 1975-78 markings.

The next thing was the ejection seats, that was harder for me to fix.  If you look in the above picture you'll see a very plain-jane ACES II seat (borrowed from the long-released F-15A.

Thanks to the fine folks at The Mirage Factory, a proper GRU-7(A) ejection seat was made for their pre-North Atlantic release F-14 pack.  A seat that I had in my files from adding the A-6E to the game.

Yes, the difference is subtle, but it really affects the feel of the game for me.

There's some display modifications in the cockpit I'll be doing anon.

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