30 July 2015

An Apology

I do tend to go off on things that appear to be tangents from out of the blue.  They usually aren't completely out of the blue from my end, but you can't see that.

It is during these tangents I am at my most offensive and I only realize how offensive long after the fact and far too late to take it back.

It is something I've been wrestling with for a long time, especially since me at my most offensive very rarely is managing to say what I meant.

Being offensive while not even meaning it.


Just wow.

I am sorry for being offensive.  Really!

I think I am doing better overall and that makes when I still lose my grip seem worse.  Is that true?

I can't tell from here.

You can tell me through comments though.  That invitation is going to sting, but... well I need to learn.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Sorry for being the jerk I tend to be.


  1. Well...

    I'm pretty thick skinned, from having my "adult formative" years being in Uncle Sam's Big Grey Canoe Club. "Remember that time your mother..." :)

    I frequently have no context for some of your rants, so have no dog in those fights.

    I know you aren't corresponding with me in other forms, so if something you say actually does seem like it could be aimed at me I know it isn't 'cause you only know me from the dozen or so times I've commented here.

    Apology accepted, but I don't see it being necessary for me.

    Other's Mileage Will Probably Vary

  2. hmmm... Thag, you have never been anything but charming in person. I also know that any digs you may issue are not directed at me so I don't read into them. And I agree with Freddy, having spent some time in Mother Green's Killing Machine, you hafta go pretty far to get my feathers all ruffly and stuff. Getting yer panties in a bunch on the internet is ... well... don't read the comments if you can't get past the potato that offended you this morning.

    That said, I think I understand your direction. You find (or think you find) yourself being an unintentional ass. It happens. Only thing that helps me out of this problem is to make sure that I think before I attempt communication. Doesn't always work out in time and has largely lead to me being quiet around folks I don't know.


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