12 July 2015


I overemphasize my Scots heritage.

In truth it's but a tiny slice of my ancestry.

The Scots part emigrated south to Jolly Ol' when offers of titles and lands were being made to get Scotland under heel by the English.  Family history is a bit vague about when this occurred.

This formerly Scot splinter flat refused to fight for their "homeland", having been bought they stayed bought.  Lands and titles in Scotland were forfeited, other lands and titles in England obtained.  Not a bad deal.  But for a long time they were "that Scottish family" where they'd settled.  It took a PR campaign and some royal endorsements to become English and that changed the family's name at the same time.

But this is just my father's side.  And that's not even pure English descent either.

I've a Japanese great-grandmother, a German great-grandmother and a mumble mumble don't talk about him great grandfather on Dad's side (rumor has it he was half-breed Souix or some other "we're not going to say inferior, but we're kinda racist about it even if he IS family" mixing).

Even my Italian mother's side isn't near so pure.  Both the great-grands on grampa's side were off-the-boat-WoP.  But grandma was English/Norwegian.

I am a mutt.

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