18 July 2015

Fuck Me Running

The Civic threw the same code that it did in December/January.


We replaced that sensor.

It was fixed!

Gods be damned it.


  1. http://www.civicforums.com/forums/36-mechanical-problems-vehicle-issues-fix-forum/340873-p1361-p1362-01-civic-ex-please-help.html

    Angus - read the string - several forums all seem to point to the wire shorting or being broken inside the insulation.

    I just had the broken wire inside the insulation fun with an old Volvo, pain in the ass to diagnose as moving the wire can make the continuity OK, then vibration of engine causes it to break open again.

    1. We checked that harness so very carefully too.

      The old sensor was definitely dead, it's just frustrating that the same code set.

      Tempting to just run three new wires and abandon the existing harness in place for this sensor.


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