21 July 2015

Star For The Course

My Star B came with two magazines.

One worked with all 8 rounds.  One double fed if loaded with more than six.  Even hand feeding slowly they'd pop an extra round up past the feed lips.

I found a Triple-K* magazine at a gun show, that would double if loaded with more than five...

I decided today that I couldn't break a broken thing so I started comparing the good magazine to the bad ones.

Both of the bad ones springs were too long.  Two coils on the Star and half on the Triple-K.

Both had feed lips that didn't match the good one.

So I shortened some springs and bent some lips (and hammered out a dent in the Star one).

Now I have two repaired magazines that hand feed all eight.  Range testing, perhaps, tomorrow, depending on Willard's generosity.

The reason, I think, they were double feeding was the pressure from below was pushing the round against the lips which were only in contact with the rim of the round.  That made the lips a ramp and they slid down it.  Tweaking the lips to they contacted the entire round and reducing the pressure seems to have cured it.

Interestingly, if this was a 1911, Glock or M&P magazine, I'd have tossed them and bought new.  Not an option with the Model B since there aren't really any new magazines out there.

* Triple-K...  KKK...  Makes you wonder how they escape the trigger-word PC police, don't it?

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