20 July 2015


I am frustrated by the pride some people take in not even learning how to use modern technology.

I am happy for you that you've never owned a cell phone and your POTS is copper.  Just as I am happy for the ignorant savage in the rain forest who's never owned a longer ranged weapon than a bow and arrow.

I am frustrated by people who claim to be experts on a topic and don't bother to update their knowledge from time to time.

Yes, the round in question started as a means to improve terminal ballistics at close range.  Ten minutes after making that decision someone said, "it'd be nice if we could outrange an AKM too..."

If CQB was the the goal entire, then they'd have stopped when they discovered that 7mm did the most damage.  The person who initially developed the round is part of your rarified air of retired SF, why don't you call him up and ask him?

He was friendly enough on the forum.

Even though it is true they had an eye on CQB at first, that was 13 years ago.  In the mean time lots and lots of effort was put into the round to increase its reach.  It's not the round that it was introduced as.

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