20 July 2015

Zastava CZ999

We took Willard's CZ999 to the range.

It shoots a little left for me.  I put 15 into the head and 15 at the '7'.  Some of the vertical stringing is from the fans behind us blowing the target around.

I'd say it shoots!  Very comfortable in the hand and mild recoil.  Single action is nice and crisp, with a dead space in the takeup that took no time to get used to.  Double action is a long, jerky drag until it goes off.  The single hole to the right of the '8' was aimed at the '7' above it in double action.

We fired 60 rounds, proving it to be reliable for all time.  ALL TIME!  GRIN

Very pleasant, very affordable.  I wonder if I can trade him for my Star B...

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