09 July 2015


It is clear that I don't shoot enough.

Not a single one of my guns has become all beat to shit by me.

The guns that I have that are in that condition came to me in that condition.  I call it 'character' on my old milsurps.

My carry guns are starting to show signs of being carried.  They'd show more, but I had an extended period of changing out guns (and holsters) trying to find the combination I preferred.

I also had my carry permit for quite a while before I actually carried much at all.  Part of the problem was that I had two handguns at the time.  A Glock 21 and an ancient H&R "Automatic" revolver I'd inherited from my grandfather.

The Glock is a big handgun.  Too big for comfortable carry for me IWB and Florida doesn't lend itself to wearing enough for concealed on the belt.

Never mind that my car has very narrow seats and the seatbelt latch sits right where the gun wants to be.  There's plenty of space on the left side, oddly enough, making me think about cross-draw holsters, which I notice there aren't many.

I've gravitated to pocket carry and shoulder holsters (when it's cool enough).  Pockets have a definite size limit.

Pocket carry has also put the most wear on my carry guns.  It's a pretty harsh environment in there.

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