03 July 2015

I Am Now Obamacovered!

Got my information packet and booklet explaining what the VA will cover.

I skimmed it.

Can't wait to start the tedious process to get my disability reassessed again.

Thanks for erasing all those records you fucking prick!

Designing a system that takes years to navigate and closing all unresolved cases older than a year?

How can I tell this was a government program?

Even more fun was learning that if I'd had a higher percentage, the reassessments were nearly automatic.

Have I ever mentioned that there's not a reputable lawyer I've spoken to who will represent me?

Because I have the honor of serving between the end of Vietnam and before the beginning of Gulf War I.

This also means no VFW, American Legion, etc...  All the heavyweight veterans orgs don't give two shits about Cold War Vets either (at least they sound sorry about their charters forbidding it).

I'd prolly not be near so bitter about it, but I know more than a couple "Vietnam Era" vets who did the exact same things as I did in Germany and came as close as I did to Vietnam while enlisted.  But the VA rolls over backwards and they're allowed to join up with the VFW.


  1. I had always thought that the Legion was open to all veterans.

  2. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/301/19432495472_3b30116bdf_b.jpg

    There was a very brief time when they were letting in Cold War vets because the membership was dying of old age and the organization was shrinking. As soon as they had "real" vets again, that window was slammed shut.

    1. Well, that sucks! Next time I go out to the Legion steak fry here in IF, I may just give some of those guys a piece of my mind!


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