22 July 2015

Two Steps Forward One Step Back

The massaged Star B magazines both function.


The firing pin broke.

Disassembly was simple.  Drift out the rear sight, push out the firing pin retaining pin from the bottom of the slide through the dovetail for the rear sight, dump out the pin and its spring.

I expected it to break around the thin spot for the retainer.

While I vocally and publicly blame Willard, who did dry fire it once at the range...

The damn things are notoriously fragile and it just happened to happen this time the hammer was dropped on an empty chamber absentmindedly.

Looks like it's been cracked for a while too.  The pictures don't clearly show it, but there's some shine of edges that have been rubbing in the fractured area.


Replacements look to be $25 plus $5 shipping.

I wonder if a tiny o-ring between the firing pin spring and the thicker part of the pin would buffer it and prevent further breakage.

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