11 July 2015


Dear Republican Party.

Stop running candidates.

Don't even bother.

The fucking speaker of the house doesn't even have the balls to just drop the mic and walk off when the press decides to change the subject of a scheduled press conference.

Lemme help you for next time, Boehner.

Say what you have to say.  When they don't ask questions about what you just said, just read the whole speech back to them.  Keep doing that until they talk about what you came to talk about or you get bored.

Stop treating them as if they weren't your opponents and you might find your job is a shit load more fun.  Act like they hate you, always have and always will, because they do hate you.

Republican Party?  Until you get that last message and stop caring if the press likes you, you're not going to ever get anything done.

But I think you already know that, and what the Democrats want is what you want...

Which brings me back to my second and third line above.

1 comment:

  1. The GOP was permanently scarred by its long period of exile in the wilderness following 1929, and then the whole ginned-up Watergate brouhaha. Shutting it down and starting a new party (maybe taking over the Reform Party? Is that still around?) would make more sense.


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