02 July 2015

The Stakes

In my flag waving post...

What happened to Brendan Eich is exactly the wrong way to handle political disagreement.

What was announced is that if you disagree with the winners in a particular political issue on your own time with your own money your livelihood is at risk.

He was forced to resign for backing the losing side in the gay marriage debate.

Did he preach at work?  No.

Did he change any policies at Mozilla to make it unfriendly to homosexuals?  No.

He donated money in the course of peaceful political discourse.

And was excoriated for it when the donation list was made public.

I am unsatisfied about the circumstances surrounding the release of that list.

But knowing that your political donations can be made public and your donations to any given cause can be used as grounds for termination?  It's known as having a chilling effect on such donations.

As I am sure the people who leaked that list were well aware of.

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  1. This sort of thing is why I am down on the pro-gay-marriage types. This, and their endless disingenous stupid arguments that I can pick apart with ease. It is not "all about equality." If I, as a straight guy, had been allowed to "marry" another man, while a gay guy couldn't, then it would be about equality. It is not at all analogous with Jim Crow. Jim Crow was a bunch of legal workarounds that were always on shaky legal ground, which was part of why the Southerners were so defensive about it. Marriage has been a heterosexual institution since before the beginnings of recorded civilization.

    If the gays had been willing to accept calling their thing "civil union," (there is precedent for this; some churches forbid their members to swear oaths, so the courts allow such people to "affirm" that they are telling the truth) and had been willing to leave people who did not want anything to do with it alone, I'd be neutral at worst on the whole thing. Their bullying and refusal to let other folks be has turned me against them.

    If they had been ill-advised enough to target a business run by people I happen to care about, I might just rouse out of my usual semi-torpor and Take Steps.


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