02 July 2015

Flag Waving

If I wave a Confederate Battle Flag, what am I saying?

Think hard about that.

The reason I say you should think hard on that is very rarely are the people waving or displaying these flags being asked what they are saying.

We sure are hearing from the people who've decided that waving said flag can only mean racism.  They communicate that anyone who says they're displaying that flag for reasons other than racism is lying about their motivations.

Good footing to start on.  "You there, lying racist!"

I've mentioned before that symbols are mutable.

It means that any symbol's meaning is very subjective.

Because there's a large group of people who find this flag racist, I'd normal say, "let's be polite about it and take them down."  The problem with the being polite "solution" is the Confederate Battle Flag is just the latest in the "everything is racism if you're white" parade.

I've mentioned this sort of thing before.  Somebody wants a race war.  I don't think it will end like they think.

We're rapidly getting to the point where not being a racist is no longer a defense to the charge of being a racist.  I am a racist because I am white is a racist accusation!

It will just be assumed that I am lying about it and I will be punished as if I had been a racist all along.

The most disturbing thing about the accusation of lying is that the reason it sticks.  They've made telling the truth criminal in some cases and career ending in others (just ask Brendan Eich).  It makes lying about your true thoughts and positions a matter of self defense!  What we're getting is worse than racism and thought police.  We're getting our freedom to peacefully object to political policy removed bit by bit.

Legal participation in the political process, as is your right as an American citizen is now grounds for termination should your political position be in opposition to... to...  it can be anything.  No it can't be anything, it's always the position of one side in these debates that causes it.

Compare the treatment of Brendan Eich to that of Irene Gallo in the social justice war camps to see what I mean.

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