25 July 2015

Who Wants To Fisk This

Cracked: 5 Reasons Even Gun Owners Should Hate The NRA.

It tastes wrong to me, but I can't summon a point by point rebuttal like some of y'all.

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  1. Sorry, I looked at it but can't really say much. It was too incoherent for me to make any sense of it. It seemed to start from assuming the NRA is bad, guns are bad, and nobody in their right mind would want a gun and then just went from there. A reason to hate the NRA is that they take paid ads from gun manufacturers, and that places like Taurus, Crimson Trace and MidwayUSA contribute to them? That's completely illogical! If you're a gun maker are you going to advertise in American Rifleman, which you know has an audience shopping for your product, or are you going to advertise, in .... I don't know.. American Knitting? This is evil conspiracy?

    I doesn't get any better from there. The few things he talk about that I know anything about are taken so far out of context I can hardly make the connection.


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