06 July 2015

Is Life Is No Getting Out Alive

The ending of the Firecracker 250 Firecracker 400 Firecracker Medal of Honor 400 Pepsi Firecracker 400 Pepsi 400 Coke-Zero 400 Powered by Coca-Cola last night this morning had a pretty spectacular crash where the Three Car driven flown by Austin Dillon got up into the fencing that's there to keep the car from continuing up into the bleachers.

The fencing did its job, but some debris still made it into the stands and some people were injured, none seriously and only one taken to the hospital.

But over at FoxNews...  A video speculating about whether the fans can sue NASCAR over this.  Perhaps.  But the real thrust of the piece is all about how things need to be made 100% safe for the fans.  Probability 1.0 safe.  Impossible for a fan to be injured safe.

I'll bet they'd approve a meteor defense system...

The thing is, despite the injuries sustained last night, you're a lot more likely to get hurt in the stands falling while trying to save your beer from spilling when you were watching the race while walking instead of where you were putting your feet.  And at $8 for 12 oz. of Budweiser, by The GAWDS you are GOING to save that beer!

It's more dangerous leaving the track to head home than it is sitting in the stands!

The current talking-head-press for safety definitely forgets that people used to die when shit went wrong at the races.  It wasn't even very long ago, really.  NASCAR has been proactive about making things safer and is constantly working on it, and they talk about it all the time.

So piss off FoxNews commentators.  You probably had to google every proper noun you used in your commentary.

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