30 July 2015

And That Reminds Me

NFATCA's petition was primarily aimed at getting the CLEO signature removed from individual transfers.

The quote in the previous post reminds me.

I own my NFA items through a trust and I did not appreciate the implication that this was why a person would establish a trust in the first place.

The entire tone from NFATCA was that once the CLEO sign off was out of the way all good and honest people could now get individual transfers and only the sneaky, underhanded criminals would use trusts to own NFA items.

Should have kept your trap shut on Facebook and let this grudge simmer down, buddy.

Do you know why my NFA items are in a trust?  It's nothing nefarious.

The Boy can't inherit them.  He's mentally incompetent.  The trust is our means of making sure that he doesn't actually ever own the items he can't and to have them liquidated in a straight forward and legal manner to his benefit should something happen to me or The Lovely Harvey.

A side effect of trust ownership is that I don't have to have a special gun safe to lock my NFA items away from The Lovely Harvey because she's a trustee too.

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