14 July 2015

It's Barely Moved

In Traveller Imperial Year 1110 (5628 AD), as the Fifth Frontier War is wrapping up...

Voyager 1 will be 13,080 AU from Earth Terra.

That's 1,215,846,381,789.46 miles.  1,956,715,086,500 km.  75.54 light days.

0.20 light years.

0.063 parsecs.

After 3,651 years, it's still in the same hex with us.

Has anyone mentioned that space is big yet?

Even more fun...

If someone were to mount an expedition from Terra to Voyager 1 in a typical 30t Ship's Boat...

1.6g according to GURPS: Traveller.

It would take about 37 weeks to get there and match speeds.

It'd be a lot more comfortable in a 50t Modular Cutter and it's faster at 3.8g.  Just under 24 weeks.

Let's say we're in a hurry.

A 40t Pinnace pulls 5g.  Under 21 weeks.

A military ship pulling 6g will span it in about 19 weeks.

If we're really in a hurry we'll make a jump.  1 week.

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