29 July 2015

No Good Way To Say It


This little rant was triggered by a co-worker of The Lovely Harvey at a work social function where the co-worker pontificated long and in detail about what useless scum all men were and how we should just accept our place at the bottom of the social order.  She specifically used me as an example of a "good man" who'd learned his place by being The Lovely Harvey's submissive wife.

Harvey's feelings were hurt.  My feelings were hurt.  The injury was not mollified in the slightest that we had to keep our mouths shut so as to not cause issues at her work later.

The hurt festered, and rotted my brain so that the following emerged.


Feminism lasts as long as men will feel guilty.

Once men finally get fed up with being punished for doing things they never considered doing, let along actually did...

It's going to be noticed that a fairly wimpy man is more than a physical match for a fairly stout woman.

And we're going to be back to chattel wives.

And all I will have to say to the morons who pushed it to that point is, "you could have avoided it all, but you weren't happy with winning..."

I'm going be pissed about it coming to chattel wives, to be honest, because I think that any person is a person.

But dammit, I will be treated like a person too!  Even if I have a Y chromosome!


  1. Dude, you have been in the echo chamber way too long. There's no good way to say it.

    1. You're probably right. Almost definitely right.

      Do they make an anechoic version of the internet?


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