11 March 2016

Like A Tourist

Did the Seattle Experience Music Project thing today because we'd decided not to at the last second last decade when I was out here.  Always been curious since.

There was live string music put on by a local music school.  Strings playing interpretations of more modern songs is always fun.  My hosts appeared to be taking me there under protest, so I didn't just sit and listen.

The big exhibits were Hello Kitty (look impatient taking me to a museum and I can read every SINGLE placard on every exhibit) and a bunch of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror genre things.  Lots of prop weapons, and in person they are SO fake looking.  There's a reason it's called Hollywood Magic.  Lots of not-for-kids Hello Kitty in there too.  Nothing too risque, but still beyond their comprehension.

The shrines to Jimmie Hendrix and Kurt Cobain were kinda creepy and sad.

I also tend to disagree that grunge is the natural culmination of punk; a position taken and advanced by EMP


  1. The Space Needle is a time warp all it's own...

  2. The "natural culmination of punk" is death by heroin overdose. I thought everybody knew that.

    1. I think that punk culminates in choking on your own vomit.

      Heroin is more of an acid-rock and heavy metal thing.


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