25 March 2016

Bay Nets

RBRD is the most debilitating form.

I was perfectly happy with my General Cutlery M7...

Then I discovered that it's not the correct era for my M16 (R604) clone!

So I got a Bayer Ord Company M7...

That's too tight a fit on the R604 and M16A2 clones.  It's a perfect, rattle free, fit on the others though.

So today I got a Columbus Milpar M7!

Rattle free fit on the R604, slightly loose on the others except the M16A2 clone.  It only seems to like the GenGut and the M9 bayonet I have.

L to R: Charlotte (Milpar M7), Tabitha (BOC M7), Alice (Buck M9), Kaylee (GenCut M7).
 I think I need me a USMC Ontario OKC-3S bayonet for Dottie.

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  1. Nice little collection you have going there! :-)


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