28 March 2016

Conetta M7

Marv's M7 is a Conetta.

Conetta did things a little different from everyone else...

I'm told that Conettas are among the harder to find variations of the M7.  I got this one for Marv as a gift (because he didn't have a bayonet at all) and got it from ebay for like $35 because it had a cracked scabbard (he's replaced the body as you can see here).  Intact M7 and M8A1 combinations were running about $75 so this seemed a good deal.  It turned out to be a great deal because the Conetta name was running $100 for just the M7 at the time.  There's one on GunBroker at the time of posting, no reserve, starting at $120 with a $225 buy-it-now.

And I gave it away...

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