21 March 2016


Had another epiphany.

One side of the political divide does not care whom is doing something if they don't want it done.

The other side doesn't care if something is done as long as their guy is doing it.

I've also noticed that this is not dependent on the party.  Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of the "right person" problem.

The divide is between The People and the entrenched government more than it's between the two parties more often than not.

While we're on the "right person" topic...  If your political philosophy hinges on the "right person" being in charge, it's not just doomed, it's fucked.

Socialism, in all its forms, has not found that right person even once in over 100 years.  But it's a standing monument to the Hell that can be summoned if the wrong people get hold of the controls once the consolidation and centralization of power demanded by socialism is obtained.

By this same rationale, big L libertarianism fails.  For it to succeed, EVERYONE must be the right person.  I am not sure you have a viable gene pool left over after everyone who can't live under the Big L is eliminated somehow.

The trick, as always, is to make a government that's big enough to defend the liberties of the citizens from each other; yet small enough to not be a burden on those same liberties (then keep it that way).

1 comment:

  1. Sadly, ours is way too big right now! And with way too many useless departments!


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