20 March 2016

Cower In Fear

Of the power of the Raven Arms MP-25.

The first thing we learn at the range is the sights are off.  It shoots 2-3" to the left at 5 yards.

We also learn that my glasses prescription is teh suxxor with this gun.  I'd have been better off using normal non-prescription safety glasses.

But it doesn't take a lot of effort to aim a little high and a little right.

If you should ever see a pig fly, shoot it in the eye.  My luck is as blind as this pig...

In the top row...  Three shots into the first two ducks, reload, second two.

It digested all 50 rounds of Winchester White Box 50gr ball without a single malfunction.  That actually surprised me.  A friend has an example of the very-closely-related Jennings J22 which has trouble going through two magazines without a stoppage of some kind; so expectations were low.

Once again, thanks to generous reader DoninSacto1!!!


  1. It shoots! :-) And NOT making any comments about a blind hog and an acorn... Nope... :-)

  2. My brother told me it might jam a bit. I never shot it. Glad you like it. Like I said before, I like your blog. Saw that you had other .25s, so I gave it to someone that might get some use out of it.


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