04 March 2016

If I Were To Say...

I was going to be in Seattle next week...

Who wants to be able to say, on their blog, they'd met me.

It's a rare chance.

I only get out PNW once a decade.


  1. Seattle?

    Is that anywhere near 31° 57' S, 115° 51' E ?

    No? Shame - I would have been honoured to meet with you. Maybe next trip?

    1. Australia is arachnophobic for "land of the giant nightmares". =) The actual incidence of giant spiders eating cows is irrelevant to an irrational fear.

      I should save up for a trip. It's the only populated continent I've never set foot on.

  2. Spiders shouldn't be a problem - I haven't seen one bigger than my fist for at least a week.

    The deadly threats to tourists are drop-bears and hoop snakes - mythical creatures created solely for the entertainment of locals in tormenting visitors.

    Snakes, blue-ringed octopii, crocodiles, and irukandji jellyfish are almost never seen, although we DO have kangaroos hopping along our suburban street occasionally. It's kind of how deer sometimes make their way into the 'burbs in the US.


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