19 March 2016

The Camera You Have With You

I noticed that many of the pictures I took in Seattle and take at the range are with the camera built into my Motox.

It's because I have it on me where I don't always have my Canon.

The cameras on phones just keep getting better and better, especially for the snap-shot.

Living in the future really does rock sometimes.

I still marvel at the additional ability to nearly instantly twist that photo's tail and wing it all the way across the country.


  1. I have a handful of cameras to have with me, and a DSLR. The point and shoot cameras are an old Nikon Coolpix (S4000), a Ricoh WG-4; waterproof/"tough" camera and an iPhone 5. The DSLR is an older, low end Canon (a T3i). If I want image quality none of the others holds a candle to the Canon.

    Even if I only want control of the camera settings, nothing but the Canon will do. I've almost given up on using anything but the Canon, except when I take pics for the blog or other things where I throw out pixels. I want the Ricoh for taking fishing, or other places where nasty things could happen to it.

    YMMV, and apparently does.

    1. If I want to take a GOOD picture and can set it up, the Canon is the one I use.

      It's just there's so many unplanned events for a picture where the phone becomes the point and shoot.


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