23 March 2016

Vietnam Commemorative 1911

Looking through my newest copy of American Rifleman and I spy an ad for a Vietnam Commemorative 1911 **JUST!!** $2,195 (Just $100 a month for 20 months after your initial $195 deposit to reserve yours today!)  Don't forget the $149 display case!

Operators are, no doubt, standing by.

First of it's a new made Colt 1911.  That means a 1911A1 frame, long trigger and flat mainspring housing.  Not period features for Vietnam.

Secondly it's gaudy enough to be in .38 Super and tucked into the belt of a Mexican Drug Lord.

Frighteningly, it's not the gaudiest Vietnam Commemorative 1911...  that honor goes to This Abomination, at least it has an arched mainspring housing, huh?

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