16 March 2016

I Am Returned

I don't know if this is Rainier or St Helens.

The wing on a 737-990 just bends WAY too far.
The approach came in over The Gulf...  My house is in this shot!  Kinda cool almost fly right over home.


  1. Given that it's still got a pointy top it's probably Rainier.

    1. I'm with him. Looks more like Rainier to me.

      I was only out there once, but for 10 days. Stayed in Mt. Rainier park two days and saw the mountain once, for about a minute. Stayed in Seattle and saw Rainier all day for 3 days.

  2. Too bad you didn't have a parachute - you could have shortened the trip home ;-)

  3. Before we moved house, we lived only a short way from the "turn onto final" point for the local airport. Almost every time we flew home from anywhere, we went directly over our house and about 3000 feet up.

    Crew would never open the cabin doors to let us out early though.


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