31 March 2016

On Mint Juleps

How the heck is it that I have Akavit in this house but not a drop of bourbon?

Something unamerican about that.

And I can't make a mint-julep without bourbon.


  1. Never had a mint julep.

    In fact, I don't drink much (I can do enough stupid stuff without chemical enhancement), but then I discovered '1776 Rum Punch', a drink touted as a good way to toast the birthday of the US Marine Corps.

    If you don't think 'Corps' should be pronounced 'corpse', then you haven't had too many of these!

  2. ... and the recipe is:

    4 parts dark rum
    2 parts lime juice
    1 part maple syrup
    splash grenadine to taste

    1. IF you drink that many and you can still pronounce ANYTHING, I'll buy you another one!


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