25 March 2016


Even if Sound Spirits spells it like a Norwegian.

Do you like caraway?  Licorice?  Akavit is your drink!

Shown with an appropriately Nordic rifle.  The Finns like them some akavit too.

Give it a try!


  1. Pity I couldn't have loaned you my Krag. That was at least designed by Scandinavians.

    1. Willard has a Krag I could have borrowed for pics if I'd thought of it.

      The Finnish Kiv/39 next to the bottle was inspired by Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim's favorite drink the marskin ryyppy, which is mostly Akavit.

  2. linie Aquavit is my poison! Really intersting stuff, and it's Caraway and dill, plus the vanillin from a short barrel aging on the deck of a cargo ship that crosses the equator at least 3x.

  3. Icelanders drink Brennivin, which is the same color as Scope mouthwash and used to be advertised as "black death" with a skeleton on the bottle. DrinkUpNY sells it online.

    1. The bottle is green, but Brennivin is clear, and mostly just caraway flavor.


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