14 March 2016


"Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet."
   - Gen. James Mattis USMC (Ret).

Ever had a day where you wanted to implement your plan?

I am > < this close.


  1. Hi Angus, I stopped over at your Google+ page and noticed a sweeet looking Impala SS.

    I had a black 1996.. What an awesome ride that car was :)

    Have to modified it other than the hood?


    1. It's not an Impala for starters...

      It's a 1991 Caprice Classic made into a phantom of a Biscayne SS.

      1991 body, lots of mods to the interior from mid-nineties Pontiacs and a complete 1996 Impala SS drivetrain (which sure looked easier than it turned out to be).

      It's turned bittersweet since the shop I paid for the paint didn't check to make sure that the basecoat clearcoat combination they were using was compatible. The clear is coming off in huge flakes and there's nothing to be done except start over.

  2. Wow , sounds like you did a heck of a project. That sucks about the paint. I was googling the linkenfelter mods last night. They did a nice job on the SS's


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