11 March 2016

It's Like Time Travel

One neat thing about traveling out west is I can lazily sleep in until noon, get out of bed and find that it's still 0900!


Turns out I've been living in the pacific time zone for decades!

I'm also WAY farther north than I am used, so the extended dawn and twilight compared to lower latitudes is messing with me a little.

Seattle people do NOT know how to fucking drive.  Oscillating between five under and the speed limit and random and the timid indecisiveness they use when changing lanes would get someone a road rage response and a firm "You're Number 1!" gesture.  Might even get them shot in Miami.

Seattle spring is the same as the depths of Tampa winter; but with wind.  Holy Shit! the wind.  Reminds me of Germany when the hawk was out.  You can go from being a little too warm in the sun to freezing your nards off with a change in wind.

Going to try and find a shooting facility for The Bat and Ofbat (see if you catch that reference!) to get some trigger time.  They like shooting, but neglect it.  What kind of enabler would I be if I didn't encourage them to go?

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