05 March 2016

Other Consensus

Some of my passion against the obviously government generated consensus on the climate is from the similarities to another scientific consensus.

More guns = More crime.

No less august a body than the Center for Disease Control told us that the only way to have less gun violence was for there to be fewer guns.

Except...  The research was shoddy when the data could be pried loose and the researchers always needed a court order to release that data (sounding more familiar?).

For fucks sake, you cannot do an honest peer review unless you repeat the experiment.  You cannot repeat the experiment without having the original data and methodology.

If two different scientists get wildly different results from the same data, something is wrong.  It doesn't even have to be malice, remember cold fusion?

But I remember how controversial Gary Kleck and John Lott's results were about guns and crime.  But I also noticed that they made their data available and to date nobody has called them on methodology, just on their conclusion.  They showed their work and let you repeat the equations if you'd like.  Which the opposition staunchly refused to do, because CONSENSUS!

Guess which set of results got media air time and was never treated for a moment as if it was in doubt...

So when the same media tells me I should stop wasting energy to stop climate change, with Paris in the background of the live report...  Well, it wasn't me wasting that energy flying to Paris when the exact same report could have been made from New York where the reporter would have taken a short taxi ride instead of a long flight.

The chief proponents are not living as if they actually believe in it.  Check out Al Gore's utility bills some time.  Any Hollywood celebrity who talks about this and even owns a share of a private jet is a hypocrite.  Just for fun, how much carbon is released from a typical action movie's use of gasoline in the explosions?  Check the tax codes for the exemptions to CARB on entertainment... Hey, just like the exemptions the entertainment industry gets for machine guns...

Once is happenstance.
Twice is coincidence.
Thrice is enemy action.

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