08 March 2016

This Is Why We Win

There's no equivalent to this grin at the anti-gun range.

This also invalidates any argument that girls can't learn to handle recoil.

Plus it just doesn't sink in how big the T-Gewehr is until you see a person handling one.


  1. Not just a smile, but bright and wide!

  2. After almost every trip to the range, on the way back home one of us will say, "that's why there are always shooting galleries at the county fair, not sitting around galleries".

    But my God, I've never seen that gun before! I don't get a good look at the round, but it looks like the size of a 50 BMG. It's like an early version of the Barrett.

    1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/13.2mm_TuF Pretty close!

    2. Now I'm wondering where the hell you find ammo for one of those babies. Or was it re-chambered for .50 BMG?

      That would be just the thing if you had marauding Kaiju, or gangs of feral engine blocks, in your neighborhood.

    3. I think that you're having custom brass made and rolling your own ammo for that monster. Or resorting to conversion to .50 BMG like lots of Boys AT rifles have been.

      Face it, if you've the scratch to buy a TG.18 you've enough to have ammo made.


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