14 March 2016


At the Museum of Flight in Seattle, there's a WW1 exhibit with just about every single aircraft flown in 1/72 scale.

Including a Zeppelin R-Class!  LZ-62 or L 30.

It's about 9' long.
The detail is staggering!

Control Gondola

Upper forward machine gun nest.

Engine gondolas with machine gun emplacements.

Engine room gondola.

There are three engines in this gondola, with two driving props on outriggers.  Hard to see though,

Engine room gondola detail showing MG emplacement.  Also the structure of the outrigger.
Tail gunner.  Note all the bracing wires!


  1. That's new. Of course, the last time I went there it was for a beer tasting...

  2. Man, I hate going into Seattle, and now I kind of have to. Well maybe (see I can still dream) we'll have a few sunny days and I'll break out the motorcycle.

    1. I'm here for an old friend's wedding. The drivers are so passive aggressive it's not even funny. That makes it easy to bluff them by being actual aggressive.

      I surely miss the 80° weather back home!

      Downstairs from the WW1 every damn plane in 1/72 is an equally impressive every damn WW2 plane in 1/72! They were even brave enough to put the blue swastikas on the Finnish planes. Often people put the modern roundel on to be politically correct.

  3. Does it have the little thingamajig they'd lower so the Zep could stay up above the clouds while being guided to its target by a guy hanging below the clouds? That sounds like such fun!

  4. Circular polarizing filter will take care of the glare if you're using a DSLR. I've had some success using one handheld with a P&S.

    1. I have not yet made the plunge to DSLR. My Canon PowerShot S5IS is soldiering on.

    2. Actually... Most of those pics were with my Motorola Motox 2e.


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