25 March 2016

Renew! Renew!

Carousel begins...

Got a shiny new Concealed Weapon or Firearm License from the "local" regional office of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services today.

If you go to the regional office, the photo and notarization are included in your renewal fee.  You lose travel time and gas instead.

I've had worse drives... ;)

It honestly felt strange getting my card the same day I wrote the check.


  1. OMG! Thanks so much for this post! I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow, and I just got my Renewal packet!

    I'll have to make some time to renew whilst I'm down there. I haven't done much research, is there a website that can help me locate the nearest office to where I'll be staying?

  2. Klickst Du hier

    That link gives the list of regional offices. You MUST have your unsigned renewal packet with you!

    In addition to those, lots of the driver's license stations are doing renewals. More fees, but prolly closer.

    1. Awesome man, super serendipitous that you made this post then! It's all packed and ready to go.

      Wish you were closer to Ft. Meyers, this post is worth at LEAST two beers! :)

    2. If you give me a DATE, I could wander up there. I happen to have a car that I love to drive.

      Pick a place.

  3. I'll be here until Thursday, I'll let you know when I settle in...but most of the time i'll be chasing a small tornado masquerading as a small girl.


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