20 March 2016

Maybe Pick Another Title

A reason that I am creeped out by some strains of Libertarianism is their frequent aspirations towards anarchism.

I remember that anarchists were a spur of socialism once upon a time.  Even as recently as when punk-rock was new.


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    1. Samuel, this kind of crap died with Geocities some decades ago. You are being a dick.

  2. Also if I wanted political Anarchy we have a political ideology for that...it's called Anarchy.

    If I want minimal government...but still want government and some community services (you know, like Police and public roads) that's libertariansim.

    Also anybody preaching Anarchy is just shot-sighted, as Anarchy is the political form of a vacuum that nature abhors. Anarchy never exists in any society for long.


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