05 August 2016

Did You Ever Notice

That the parking place for someone who's handicapped has to be right near the door...

...but the back of the store can be as far from that door as you want?

It makes you wonder if they're all that disabled if they can get all the way back to the far corner of a Wal Mart but can't go more than 50 yards from the car.

1 comment:

  1. That's why they have those little scooter carts. One day I'm gonna try one out. I hate going all the way to the back of WalMart to get a bag of dog food, and end up with a swollen ankle the rest of the day. shit, I can't even stand around on pavement for an hour without that happening. Getting old's a bitch.
    right now, I'm alternating ice and heat on my upper lumbar region due to freaking anterior spurs. And that after spending a day and a half nursing a muscle spam in my neck for the last two days. And now I'm out of Scotch as well. But that's OK, Tomorrow I get to go back to work. Grumble.


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