05 August 2016

Feeling Unwanted

Amusement parks and science fiction conventions are designated gun-free zones by signage here in Florida.

The only force of law to those signs is the property can tell you to leave if they figure out you're carrying in violation of that sign.  If you refuse to leave, or take too long doing it, they can have you busted for trespassing.

Legalities aside, what they are really telling us with these signs is they don't want us there.

Some take that to mean, "they don't want us there with our guns."  I don't.

You don't want me to carry, you don't want me there at all and that means you don't want my money.

This decision is made even easier by how stupidly overpriced amusement parks are.

Yes, this is something of a boycott.

I figure that it's only a matter of time before some ISIS kook manages to get into a gun-free victim zone like DisneyWorld and amass a substantial body count due to a lack of shooting back thanks to the disarmament policies of The Mouse.

I'd rather not be there when that happens and especially not be there disarmed by a policy that exists merely to mollify the concerns about ME to hoplophobes from New York, New Jersey and Europe vacationing here in The Gunshine State.

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  1. Do Disney or any of the other parks in your area have metal detectors? There is one I have been to in Pittsburgh where all visitors go through them - I did it once and won't go back. They also have 'no guns' posted prominently. In Pennsylvania, 'no guns' signs don't have force of law either.


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