14 September 2013


Yesterday I said the NRA doesn't care.

Honestly, because they are membership driven, they don't care because YOU don't care.

Just like they didn't care about assault weapons once upon a time.

The main problem here is so many people have gotten the impression that once something is illegal and the bureaucracy is in place that it can never be changed.

Well, if none of us clamor for change, then our gorilla will never beat on the congress critters.

There's entirely too much, "well that doesn't affect me" with gun owners.

Not all that long ago we were all crowing about how we'd won.

Not really.

We'd stopped the anti-gun advance, but not reversed it.

We'd done nothing to prevent a hostile executive from banning by fiat or punishing regulation.  Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama have all added to the anti-gun EO list.

Why is 922r still law?  Really, a law that bans the making of a gun that's made from imported parts that is otherwise identical to a gun that is made from domestic parts?  Then ban some of those parts from importation by EO?

The question I have about so many regulations is: "how does this enforce the law?"

Congress should be interested too.  But they aren't.

Congress would be interested, but we aren't.  Are we?

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